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Chaz Mitchell Custom Hats

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Hand crafted, homemade, hair raising, hats made by a witty, wild eyed, western bred buckaroo, who has wore a hat on his head since he was knee high to a grasshopper. I believe in quality workmanship and nothing leaves my store unless I would wear it to a dance myself! I have searched the US to find the very best products and that’s all I use. Starting with the pure beaver felt, down to American made ribbon and silver conchos. Good quality leather sweatbands so you can wear your hat all day and not want to take it off for bed. It doesn’t matter if you spend your life wearing out saddles or just want to look good at the rodeo, I can and will make the hat you are proud to put on. Every hat I make is custom fit to your head whether it is oval, long oval, round, or square, it will fit perfectly. No break in time….no headaches… no toilet paper shoved behind the sweatband....

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My husband is an everyday all weather cowboy that can usually wear out a normal hat in a month. We were so lucky to receive his Chaz Mitchell hat back in January. It’s a black 20X with a 5″ brim… it came out of the box and as JR said “I’ve never had a hat fit me so perfect!” This hat is worn everyday all day.. it has been exposed to wonderful Northern NV, Southern Idaho elements… rain, snow, sleet and heat, sweat, broncs, bar..umm fallovers..and toddlers! And to this very day it has kept every promised quality Chaz had mentioned. It keeps shape perfect, size perfect and besides some daily dust it still looks and feels exactly as it did coming out of the box. Heres to a true buckaroos hat. It is truly an art to make such an outstanding piece of equipment. Great job Chaz, he truly loves this hat!
Crystal & Nathan Kelly Jr.
Bruneau, ID

You have a gift sir! I’ve worn 3 custom hats and none have been as perfect as this one. I can usually find a flaw but goodness your the man! You have a gift from God!! Jeff-Rodeo announcer from Iowa

A cowboy’s cowboy – is an artist among hatmakers. With a lifetime of practical knowledge and experience, his hats are both classic and contemporary. Whether it’s an evening on stage, or a day in the saddle, I’m proud to wear a Chaz hat…an authentic piece of the West.

-Brenn Hill

I love the hat! Thank you so much. You did an amazing job. It fits perfect! Thanks for worken with me.

-Bert Toavs. Faith, South Dakota

With that kind of attention to detail you can’t go wrong. When it was finished he wanted me to be at his shop to see exactly how it fit and to be sure I was satisfied. I was. He made a black 100X with a carved black leather band studded with silver conchos all engraved. Am I satisfied? You bet and thats why I asked him to make me another.

-G. Stedman Huard II MD

  • Nathan Kelly Jr
  • Jeff Lucas
  • Brenn Hill
  • Bert Toavs
  • G. Stedman Huard II MD

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Chaz Mitchell

Chaz Mitchell