Hello Friends!

Glad you’re visiting this fancy lookin’ website. A buddy of mine put it together for me and I hope you like it!

One argument I had with him was naming my hatz like all of the rest of the websites have. Well…my hatz do not have names. You see, they are not mine to name, they are yours. I guess I may be stepping off the trail because my thinking is that if I built every hat the same, I could name it. But I am a custom hat shop and that means I build every hat by hand for each individual customer. I make four qualities of felt and have around thirty colors to choose from. The crown can range in height from 6 inches to 3 inches and shaped to your likin’. The brim can be as big as 5 inches and go down from there.

The hatz you see on this website are there to help you get an idea on what you want. Then, we will talk it out and make your hat. If you would like to name your hat…..Please Do!!! Send me the name you have chosen along with a picture of you in the hat and it may be used on the website.

So naming the hatz I will not do

Instead I will leave that part up to you
You know what you want for goodness sake
Let me build the statement you want to make